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Buy the lens for your camera and capture the perfect moment

The main feature of a Reflex Camera is the possibility of adapting different lenses. Once you have your camera, or at the time of buying it, it is up to you to decide which lens/s you need in addition to the lens that normally includes the kit of the camera itself. Reach all the planes with an Angular Zoom or reach the greatest distance with a Tele Zoom from our catalogue.

Mounts for all cameras and all brands

Squeeze 100% of your camera with the best quality lenses. Here you can find the lenses of major brands and buy, for example, the mount for Canon, lenses for Nikon cameras, mounts for Sony reflex or optics for Sony cameras. In addition, we have all references Pentax optics.

See also the lenses for compact cameras that we have for available.

Remember that lenses, like cameras, require continuous care and maintenance to extend their life and ensure a good photo. Here you can buy a Filter, Cover or Sunshade for your lens.

What is the lens of a camera?

The lens of a camera is one of the most important parts. It is made up of different lenses whose function is to direct light rays from the outside to the inside of the camera, causing the image to be projected. The sharpness of the photo and the appearance of the photo depend on them.

How to clean the lens of a camera?

The lens of a camera is a very sensitive part, and it is not recommended to clean it if it is not necessary. It is best to buy UV filters that protect the lenses from dirt, moisture or scratches. Let's also not forget about the use of the cap to protect the lenses when we are not using the camera. If you have no choice but to clean the lens, you can either blow air and wipe it with a chamois, or use a specific cleaning kit.

How do I know if a lens is compatible with my camera?

Camera lens compatibility is highly dependent on brand. It is clear that if we use a Nikon camera, we will need a Nikon mount lens, and a Canon mount lens for cameras of this brand, and so on. To know which lens to use in each model, we must read its technical date well before buying it. Discover our mount lenses Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Leica, and more. And if you are not sure if the lens is compatible with your camera, do not hesitate to ask us, we will help you with whatever you need.

What is more important the camera or the lens?

The lens of a camera is what determines the quality of the photograph, so it is better to invest more in the lens than in the camera body. Especially in the case of professional photographers, it is recommended to opt for a camera with interchangeable lenses, such as reflex cameras or mirrorless cameras. In this way it will be possible to change the lens for one of better quality, or use several lenses depending on the nature of the photo.

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