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Lenses for cameras 

Buy the lens for your camera and capture the perfect moment

The main feature of a Reflex Camera is the possibility of adapting different lenses. Once you have your camera, or at the time of buying it, it is up to you to decide which lens/s you need in addition to the lens that normally includes the kit of the camera itself. Reach all the planes with an Angular Zoom or reach the greatest distance with a Tele Zoom from our catalogue.

Mounts for all cameras and all brands

Squeeze 100% of your camera with the best quality lenses. Here you can find the lenses of major brands and buy, for example, the mount for Canon, lenses for Nikon cameras, mounts for Sony reflex or optics for Sony cameras. In addition, we have all references Pentax optics.

See also the lenses for compact cameras that we have for available.

Remember that lenses, like cameras, require continuous care and maintenance to extend their life and ensure a good photo. Here you can buy a Filter, Cover or Sunshade for your lens.

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