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El servicio es muy bueno así como la atención. Web fácil , denota calidad. En cuanto al envío muy buen embalado pero, un producto con este precio debería ir sin coste en los portes como hacen la gran mayoría de las tiendas online. Por eso no le doy la máxima puntuación.
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Binoculars, Telescopes and Microscopes 

Binoculars, telescopes and microscopes shop

In our shop in Las Palmas and in this online shop you can buy everything you need for observation. Discover the best selection of binoculars that best suit your needs. Find from almost 100 binocular models the one that suits you best, such as the Pentax binoculars or the Steiner binoculars.

Terrestrial Telescopes and Astronomical Telescopes

If you want to observe the stars and the sky that covers us, what you need is an astronomical telescope with which you can approach the Milky Way every night. We are the first specialist shop that can provide you with expert advice on all observation specialities. This allows us to offer the products of pioneering brands in the sector at competitive prices.

If you're interested in outdoor observation, don't hesitate to discover the terrestrial telescope models we have for you. Find the B&Crown, Bresser, Long Perng or National Geographic telescope model you're looking for.

Buy microscopes online at the best price

Whether fixed in your laboratory, or as a portable microscope, we assure you the best research equipment with the best market conditions.

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