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Tienda seria, formal, segura, lo que es muy importante dado el gasto realizado. Los productos llegaron rápido y en buenas condiciones (muy bien embalados). También enviaron el manual impreso, todo un detalle. Dispone de una gran variedad de buenos materiales fotográficos y a buen precio.

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Keeping our equipment clean is a highly recommended practice, as the accumulation of dirt or particles in some mechanisms can impair its operation.

A basic cleaning kit for our photographic equipment would be an air bulb, a brush or lens brush and a microfiber cloth, with these basic elements we can always have our equipment clean and at maximum performance. This we find everything together can also add liquids and papers for the care of optical parts.

For the cleaning of more delicate parts such as the camera sensor we also have several options available, although we recommend before using to read and see the various tutorials for the correct use, as well as the manual of the camera, and ensure that we do not generate a possible breakdown.

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