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Cleaning kit 

Keeping our equipment clean is a highly recommended practice, as the accumulation of dirt or particles in some mechanisms can impair its operation.

A basic cleaning kit for our photographic equipment would be an air bulb, a brush or lens brush and a microfibre cloth, with these basic elements we can always have our equipment clean and at maximum performance. You can also add liquids and papers for the care of the optical parts to the set.

For the cleaning of more delicate parts such as the camera sensor we also have several options available, although we recommend before use to read and watch the various tutorials for proper use, as well as the manual of the camera, and ensure that we do not generate a possible failure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Camera Cleaning Kit

How to clean the camera lens?

The lens of a camera is a very sensitive part, and it is not advisable to clean it if it is not necessary. It is best to buy UV filters that protect the lens from dirt, moisture and scratches. Also, don't forget to use the lens cap to protect the lens when the camera is not in use. If you have no choice but to clean the lens, you can either blow it out with air and clean it with a chamois or use a lens cleaning kit.

How to clean the reflex camera?

To clean our camera properly we must take care of each part; lens, mirror and sensor, separately. It is advisable to clean the lens with an air bulb although sometimes it may be necessary to use a microfibre cloth. To clean the mirror we can use an air bulb and if necessary a special brush for photography. The sensor is the most sensitive element of the camera, we must select the cleaning function in our camera to block the mirror and blow it with an air bulb, always in a clean environment. If necessary we can use specific kits for sensors.

How to clean the camera sensor?

The sensor is a very sensitive part of the camera, most manufacturers only approve cleaning with an air bulb as other methods may damage the camera. The use of a damp microfibre cloth may be necessary in some cases but should be avoided if possible. Duke Photography recommends that you consult your camera's manual for the correct way to clean your machine.

How to clean the camera lens?

The lens of a camera is a very sensitive part, and it is not advisable to clean it if it is not necessary. It is advisable to always protect your lens with a lens cap or a quality UV filter, so that it does not negatively affect your photos. If required, the lens can be cleaned with an air bulb or a microfibre cloth.

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