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Whether we are amateurs or professionals, we want our equipment to be well protected and for that we have many options on the market, depending on whether we want to transport it.

Protect your camera and transport it safely

We have different modes of transport for your equipment, starting with the cases and bags, which we can use to go only with our camera, through the bags and backpacks, to finally reach the suitcases and trolleys, where we can almost carry the study on our shoulders, always thinking that our equipment is delicate and valuable, so all the material for transport or storage is made with materials of great strength, where our equipment is safe, even the elements such as rain or dust.

In addition to your camera, we will help you carry your camera, chargers, filters and all your studio equipment.

We work with brands such as Lowerpro or Vanguard, to maintain the quality of our products from the store to your home

Frequently Asked Questions on Camera Transport

How to transport a DSLR camera?

It is important that we transport our photographic equipment in a bag or backpack specifically for photography. This will allow us to keep the material tight and padded to avoid bumps and scratches during transport. There are small bags to carry the essentials such as the LOWEPRO TOPLOADER ZOOM 50 AW II and slightly larger bags such as the VANGUARD ALTA ACCESS 38X that can carry a camera and several lenses.

To be able to carry more material safely you can opt for backpacks like the TAMRAC ZUMA 7 or the LOWEPRO BP 300AW ACTIVE PHOTO which is able to fold completely flat when not in use. If we need even more carrying capacity we can opt for trolleys such as the MANFROTTO RELOADER SWITCH 55.

How to transport objectives?

As with reflex cameras it is important to transport our lenses using specific material for photography. We have bags like the LOWEPRO PROTACTIC SH 180 that also allow us to carry our camera, backpacks like the LOWEPRO FASTPACK BP150 AW II with a large carrying capacity and very comfortable. If we want to go as light as possible we can carry a lens holder like the VANGUARD ALTA LPL or the TENBA SOFT 9X4.8 IN.

What is the best reflex camera backpack?

Whenever you carry a reflex camera you should always use a backpack specifically designed for photography, otherwise you risk damaging your equipment. Photography backpacks include compartments and fastenings that prevent the equipment from moving around inside the backpack, thus avoiding possible damage. Some of the most popular brands are LoweproVanguard and Manfrotto.

How to carry photographic equipment on a plane?

When taking photographic equipment on a plane we must take into account several factors such as the weight allowed by our airline and the capacity in Wh of the batteries we are going to transport, in practice, most batteries for photographic use are within the allowed values.

It is compulsory to transport batteries as hand luggage so you should prepare your luggage with this in mind. You should also protect all your luggage thoroughly, especially checked luggage, by using suitable transport equipment such as trolleys or suitcases.

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