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(Automatic translation) It was a great discovery that you were in the Canary Islands and yet received the material so quickly. Everything was in very good condition, well packed and at a good price. The treatment the times I called was also very pleasant, so I value the experience with you very well. There will be more for sure !!
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Umbrella Supports 

Umbrellas for photography are easy to carry, light, practical and economical accessories. They are a lighting accessory that help us to modify the light and allow us to soften the light coming from a handheld or standalone flash. Photography umbrellas have in common a central rod, a cloth at the end and this covers a series of rods that are usually 8 or 16 in metal or fibreglass. These hold the fabric to keep it always under pressure and as stretched as possible. There are many models available to choose from depending on the type of light you need at any given moment. At Duke Photography you can buy photo umbrella stands and accessories from our extensive catalogue. Take advantage of our offers, prices and quality guarantee.

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