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(Automatic translation) Dear Sirs or Ladies, I couldn't be more pleased with your service. I give them a 10 and honestly I don't usually rate it that high because there is always something that happens. But in your case I can't put a but. From now on they are my favorite store. In what if I have a complaint in the financing system. This PAY + LATE or something like that. The fact is that it is an outrage. It turns out that after completing the purchase and financing process they took me to a page where I had to PAY THE FIRST TERM OF THE LOAN !!! What type of loan is this? I do not get it. In a few days you will have to pay the second. According to their advertising, I would enjoy 2 months before paying, or at least I understand that. I would like you to explain to me this detail that at no time obscures your service as a store. A hug. Ramon Lopez


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USB Flash Drive 

One of the great advances in digital storage has been the pendrives, these small packages of memory allow us to take our data from one side to another, in addition and many devices other than computers allow us to access their content.

To choose the right flash drive is something simpler, we will look for the necessary capacity for our files and as a recommendation we can put it with our keys or other things that we always have on top to have access to our files and photos in any situation.

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