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(Automatic translation) I have made my first purchase in this great store (Nikon 3500) Very serious and professional, the shipment arrived perfect, with a lot of protection in the packaging, it shows that they pay a lot of attention to that, which is very appreciated. Great professionals who, even after buying, follow up with you to see your satisfaction and to resolve your possible doubts. One hundred percent reliable at very competitive prices. I will surely buy again
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Special Effects 

Before the digital era in photography it was very difficult to get some effects in our photos, for this now we use the photo retouching tools that we have but some effects of these we have to continue doing on the spot.

The filters for effects are filters that we will mainly use with the flashes to give some color to our light or to balance in the case of using different light sources in our scene. Another case are the filters of effects for the camera, they are filters that we will put in front of the objective and some generate very amusing effects

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