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(Automatic translation) I have bought several products on the islands, taking advantage of some small trip, but until now I had not dared to make an online purchase due to the lack of transparency regarding the payment of VAT and customs. I know that there are other stores that maybe their prices are somewhat lower but because of the issue I mentioned before I did not want complications. Then I saw that duke photography made it very clear. Payment is with all taxes and after a brief consultation to make sure I placed my order, which arrived in perfect condition and in the indicated time. Very happy with the purchase, I will certainly take it into account for future purchases.

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Special Effects 

Before the digital era in photography it was very difficult to get some effects in our photos, for this now we use the photo retouching tools that we have but some effects of these we have to continue doing on the spot.

The filters for effects are filters that we will mainly use with the flashes to give some color to our light or to balance in the case of using different light sources in our scene. Another case are the filters of effects for the camera, they are filters that we will put in front of the objective and some generate very amusing effects

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