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Cundo he llamado a Duke me han atentido super bien, sin problemas, siempre con profesionalidad y sin ánimo de engañar, sino de que estés satisfecho y convencido con lomque vas a comprar, ellosmte asesoran y te ayudan en la elección del producto, da gusto tratar con profesionales como ellos.
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Buy camera battery

Our photography equipment uses batteries as power supply. These batteries are used according to the model of camera and we can use the original supplied by the manufacturer or use a compatible battery that will not cause us to lose performance or compromise the integrity of the camera, and always the latter will be something more economical. It is also advisable to read the manual of our camera to understand its use and extend the life of this battery.

Batteries for photographic accessories

For other devices such as flashes or triggers will find in the market rechargeable batteries, these in addition to being an economical alternative to alkaline, use technologies similar to those of the camera so we can use them for a long time with our devices if we follow a few simple steps for conservation. We have the battery you need, ask us if you have any questions!

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