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Our photographic equipment uses batteries as a power supply. These batteries are used according to the camera model and we can use the original one supplied by the manufacturer or use a compatible battery that will not cause us to lose performance or endanger the integrity of the camera, and the latter will always be somewhat cheaper. It is also advisable to read the manual of our camera to understand its use and extend the life of this battery.

Batteries for photography accessories

For other devices such as flashes or triggers we will find rechargeable batteries on the market, these are an economical alternative to alkaline batteries, they use similar technologies to those of the camera so we can use them for a long time with our devices if we follow some simple steps for their conservation. We have the battery you need, just ask us if you have any questions!

We have the battery you need, just ask us if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Camera Batteries

How to store camera batteries?

It is always advisable to store batteries in cool and dry places, and if we take it with us, we can keep it in a special backpack for cameras. If we do not plan to use them for long periods of time, it is recommended to store them with some charge, around 40%, and do a charge cycle at least once a year. If we have more than one battery, we must alternate them and avoid always using the same one.

How to charge a camera battery?

Although lithium batteries used today require less care than older batteries, it is important to take a series of factors into account, it is advisable not to discharge them completely or to always charge them at the same discharge point to extend their useful life. In addition, whenever we are going to charge the battery of our camera, we must use a specific charger for our brand of batteries, be it one from CANON, NIKON, FUJIFILM or another.

How do I know if my camera battery is damaged?

Some cameras have specific functionalities in their software that can give us information about the state of the battery. There are also several symptoms that we can identify as unusually short battery life, battery overheating or sudden changes in the percentage of charge. If we suspect that our battery is damaged we can change it for another, if the problem persists it may be a problem with the camera. If we have to buy a new battery it is always better to opt for one of the same brand, be it Olympus, Panasonic, Sony or another. For any questions you can consult our experts at Duke Photography.

Where to buy the battery for the camera?

At Duke Photography you can buy batteries for major camera manufacturers from both the original manufacturer and third parties. In general, original brand batteries offer higher quality and durability, such as Panasonic's VBT380E or VW-VBT380, however many third-party batteries are of very high quality at a much lower price. You should choose the batteries according to your needs.

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