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(Automatic translation) Before ordering the product through Amazon, check your store on the website, and basically that is why I decided to buy it from you, it seemed like a serious store with experience in the sector (which by the way has been very difficult for me to find, Before you I found another store that sold me a lens that did not work for my camera and with a terrible service). The package came perfectly wrapped and the product in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with the treatment received, and it is almost certain that when I decide to buy another lens or anything else I will decide on your store.


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To have our camera stable is something very important, but there are occasions where it is very complicated to have a tripod, well because we have limited space to move or simply we occupy too much in the suitcase, for that we have the monopies, with this accessory you will get stability for many shots and you can use heavier equipment longer, such as telephoto lenses, getting better sharpness in the photos.

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