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Es la segunda vez que compro en esta tienda y no me arrepiento de ello. Muy al contrario, me parece que tiene un nivel de calidad ofertando sus productos que supera a Amazon o a cualquier otra compañía. Tendré en cuenta la oferta de portes pagados durante tres meses. Muchas gracias.

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How a study umbrella works

The umbrella, or strobist, that we use in a photographic studio allows us to control the light in our photographs. Not everyone is usually clear how the light works at the time of shooting, so we give you some advice. Together with the flash, the umbrella will be one of our best allies in the studio to control the lighting.

Types of umbrellas for photography

When you go to buy an umbrella, you have to know the 2 types of umbrellas that exist. On the one hand, we have those that we say bounce the light. These are usually black.

White umbrellas, on the other hand, bounce off the light, blurring the effect on the picture.

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