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Por segunda vez confio en ellos para una compra amplia. Y que menos , todo perfecto, rapidisimo en mi caso y con un detalle que se han pegado conmigo,,,,, el responsable sabe de lo que hablo de 10, gracias

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Secure Digital or SD cards are the most widespread type of card among photo and video cameras, their small size and ease of use make them ideal for most uses in cameras and other devices.

At the time of choosing our card this type has several features, which are mainly class, access speed both reading and writing and ability.

The advisable thing for the greater number of uses is to work with cards class 10, and we will look for the speed of access adapted principally for its use in video, is recommendable to revise the manual of our camera to see which the recommended one according to the quality of selected video, and also the time of recording and the number of photos that we will have according to the different capacities.

In this type of cards we can find a very special one that allows us the transmission wi-fi of our photos to our computer or mobile device, is a very interesting option to share our photos instantly

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