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La atención recibida postventa ha sido excelente e inmejorable. Gracias Jose Volveré a comprar en este establecimiento, totalmente recomendable
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offers bridge cameras ,bridge ,bridge cameras 

Bridge cameras are very similar to reflex cameras aesthetically, only that they eliminate the optical viewfinder system and we don't have the possibility to change the lens, this makes that they are normally equipped with a lens with a good zoom path, arriving in some cases to the measures of the big telephoto lenses, they are known as superzoom, and an electronic viewfinder that shows us the photo and how it is going to be with the chosen parameters.

Controlling the different options for exposure, focus and so on, we have a very versatile camera that can help us in many situations where for reasons of weight and ease of use we can not have a reflex.

They are ideal for entering the world of photography in manual mode, and enjoy the features of superior cameras.

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