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First time I ask for financing through Cetelem with Duke photographs. Very happy and amazed at the time by how quickly they asked me and informed me of the documentation that was needed. After 5 days I already had the camera in my possession. I have bought several items and have never had a problem. All very attentive and eager to sell and solve problems if there were any. Kind regards
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softbox ,softbox cubes 

Soft boxes diffuse hard light and remove shadows from your portraits. Soft boxes are, together with umbrellas and parasols, one of the three fundamental soft lighting equipment in photography. They are able to diffuse the bright light and distribute it evenly over the subjects. Soft boxes can serve both as a primary light source and as a secondary light source. They work with daylight, flashes and continuous light sources. At Duke Photography you can buy Profoto, Phottix, Ultralyt, Cactus soft boxes from our extensive catalogue with the best guarantee. 

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