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At Duke Photography we have astronomical telescopes for you to enjoy your passion for astronomical observation, whether it is visual observation of the moon and planets, deep sky objects or wide field astrophotography. Find your ideal astronomical telescope whatever your level of experience and budget. We work with leading brands such as Levenhuk. Take advantage of discounts and enjoy our experience and guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telescopes

How do you know if a telescope is good?

The quality of a telescope depends on what you want to use it for. If you are looking for a telescope for faint objects, we recommend a telescope with a short focal ratio; if you prefer a telescope for Solar System objects, a telescope with a long focal ratio will be better. At Duke Photography we have a wide range of telescopes of different models and at the best price.

What is the best amateur astronomical telescope?

At Duke Photography we have several models of telescopes for different levels: beginners or more advanced. We recommend for amateur astronomers our SKYLINE PLUS 130S telescope, capable of displaying all Messier objects and many NGC objects.

How to buy a good telescope?

When buying a telescope it is important to buy it from a quality site with all the guarantees. At Duke Photography you will find top quality telescopes at the best price guaranteed. Contact us if you have any doubts when making your purchase.

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