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Hard Disk 

Hard drives have become essential for both professional and amateur photographers. They are an essential accessory for video and photography. In Duke Photography you can find external hard drives for high speed photography. We have SSD, USB 3, USB 3.1 and USB C disks.

At Duke Photography we offer you hard drives with resistant casings so that you have safe your content in addition to a 2-year warranty. Come and see our catalog Sandisk, Lacie, G-Technology and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about SSD Hard Drives

What is an SSD hard drive?

SSDs (solid state drives) are a more modern alternative to traditional (mechanical) hard drives and are a more suitable solution for professional photography than a USB flash drive. They have been one of the biggest technical leaps in the last decade as they allow write and read speeds around 10 times faster than HDDs.

How to install an SSD hard disk?

We may want to install our hard drive in our computer or in an external enclosure for easy transport. Installing it in an external enclosure is relatively simple and you should have no problem following the manufacturer's instructions. Installing it in a computer can be a bit more complicated, especially if it is a laptop. In this case, Duke Photography recommends you to go to a professional.

Which SSD to buy?

When buying a hard disk for photography, we must pay attention to three main criteria: speed, capacity and resistance. In terms of speed, we should pay particular attention to ensure that the external enclosure we are going to use has at least USB 3.0 protocol. For the capacity we must study our needs, in Duke we have options from 250GB to 2TB. To assess the resistance we must look at the construction of the box and its IP resistance.

What are the advantages of an SSD hard drive?

SSDs have a number of advantages including; higher speed, greater energy efficiency, lower noise, lower vibration, greater durability, greater reliability and higher performance in running simultaneous tasks. Some of the best sellers are LACIE RUGGED 2TB and SANDISK SSD PORTABLE EXTREME 2TB.

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