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To have the camera always available is something very important for the photographer, to use a backpack is the best option in this case, we can take our equipment with the necessary protection, and quick access to the accessories.

There is an ideal model for each one, we look for the balance between the volume of storage and the comfort, as we always look to arrive with our equipment as far as possible, the comfort is also a value to take into account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Photography Backgrounds

Where to buy photography backpacks?

You can buy backpacks for photography at Duke Photography. We have an extensive catalogue with options from brands such as Vanguard, Lowepro, Manfrotto, Shimoda and Benro. Some of our best selling backpacks are the VANGUARD VEO SELECT 37BRM BACKPACKLOWEPRO M-TREKKER BP-150 BACKPACK and MANFROTTO ADVANCED 2 BEFREE BACKPACK. You can often find some of our backpacks on offer.

What should a photography backpack have?

It is essential that a photography backpack has padded compartments and fastenings to protect your equipment properly. From there, depending on the range we can find extra features such as water resistance, side access, easy access pockets, customisable compartments, security locks, spaces for laptops or tablets. There are also a large number of accessories that we can add to our backpack to obtain specific functionalities.

What to pack in a camera backpack?

Depending on our level and the type of photography we are going to do, we will need to carry some things or others in our backpack. Each photographer must weigh up the need for each of these items. We recommend to carry at least these: Camera, lenses, batteries, memory cards, filters, chamois and cleaning cloths, cablespowerbanks and chargers and a case to protect from water in case our backpack is not waterproof.

Which camera backpack to buy?

We should always try to buy a quality backpack that is going to protect our equipment properly, we should look at how much equipment we are going to carry and the size of backpack we need. Aesthetics are also important and we should choose a backpack that we feel comfortable with. If you are a beginner we recommend the VANGUARD VEO RANGE T37M or the LOWEPRO M-TREKKER BP-150.

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