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hice un pedido el dia 9 d febrero, lo mandaron el 15 (segun ellos estaban de fiesta de carnaval), y lo recibi el dia 21 sin problemas, muy dificil contactar por telefono, aunque al enviar un correo, me llamaron por telefono.
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protective filters 

This is the basic filter that all our objectives must have mainly if we work outdoors, has a double function, the first the physical protection itself, the filter will protect our objective of what we can find such as sand, dust, moisture or saltpetre, our objective has its own protection but the filter will always be easier to clean and cheaper to replace if we see it scratched or broken, the other function is to protect the sensor against UV rays, to isolate these radiations our photos will be cleaner and their colors more natural days where UV rays are stronger.

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