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Reflex Cameras 

Buy the best reflexes on the market

Find in our store the latest models of the best brands of SLR cameras. Also visit our Accessories section to complete your photography equipment.

Nikon, Canon, which is the best brand of reflex camera?

That is a question that all those who begin to know the world of photography are asked when they buy their camera. Each brand has its advantages and there are many cameras with complete configurations. What is certain is that our best-selling cameras are the following CanonConsult our catalogue and choose your camera with the best conditions.

Buy your professional camera

If you're a photographer, get the most advanced camera, combining image quality with performance and possibilities you've never imagined. The features of professional cameras are different from those of the amateur ranges. For example, if you're in advertising, you'll need high definition and maximum image quality.

Reflex cameras for beginners

Photography is in vogue and we want to make it easy for you. Take advantage of your free time to develop your passion with the best tools. A good camera for beginners has to be easy to use, with which you enter the world of reflex little by little. Like the complexity of use, the price of the camera is vital to launch yourself into this hobby. Get for less than 500€ a Nikon camera with all its accessories.

Frequently asked questions about DSLR cameras

What is a DSLR camera ?

DSLR cameras are those that, unlike compact cameras, have interchangeable lenses and a mirror in which the light is reflected and goes directly to the optical viewfinder, so the user sees exactly how the image will come out without parallax error . It is common among professionals, as it requires knowledge about camera settings.

Where can I buy a DSLR?

You can find DSLR cameras at Duke. We offer the best quality cameras at the best price. We have cameras from the most recognized brands in the market: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, PanasonicOlympus and more. In addition, we are specialists in the world of photography, so you can count on the best advice when choosing your camera.

What does a DSLR lens do?

The lenseof a DSLR camera is made up of several lenses that direct the light towards the sensor and allow us to see the image. They are used to zoom, have a focus as accurate as possible. It is the most important part of the camera, as having a poor quality lens can distort the photo.

Which SD card is best for DSLR?

When choosing the SD card for a DSLR camera, you have to focus on two most important factors: its speed and its capacity. To take full advantage of the camera we must look for a card with a minimum speed of 85 Mb / s. In terms of capacity, there are cards of up to 128 Gb, although it is best to have several cards of lower capacity, in case one is lost or broken.

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