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Compact Cameras 

These small companions are the ideal cameras to take always with you, since their reduced size make that we can always find a space to him in our trips, strolls or family parties.

In this type of cameras we have very simple cameras that are known as point & shoot, have an automatic system so that we only worry about focusing and shooting, we also have a group of advanced compact that allow us more options and many photographers use them as a complement to their reflex equipment, are very popular in urban photography, for its size and functionality.

What are compact cameras?

Compact cameras, unlike reflex cameras, have a single, non-interchangeable lens. They are often cheaper and easier to handle than more advanced cameras such as bridge cameras. Their light weight and small size make them ideal for travel.

What is the best compact camera brand?

There are different models within compact cameras, from entry-level cameras like the NIKON COOLPIX W150, extremely robust and ideal for the whole family, to advanced cameras like the CANON POWERSHOT G1X MARK III with great image quality. In between, the brands, such as the PANASONIC TZ70 or the SONY CYBERSHOT DSC-RX100 II, provide you with a wide range of options. As you can see, companies that have traditionally dominated the photography market such as Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Canon or Fujifilm are also major producers of compact cameras.

Which compact cameras record in Full HD?

Today the vast majority of compact cameras are capable of recording in Full HD. Only some of the entry-level cameras, which are capable of recording in 720p, lack this function. It is also becoming increasingly common for mid-range compact cameras to be able to record in 4K, something that until recently was reserved for higher-end cameras such as bridge or reflex cameras, with excellent results. Examples of this are the PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-TZ90 and the OLYMPUS TOUGH TG-6 which is also waterproof up to 50m.

Where to buy compact cameras at a good price?

You can find compact cameras in Duke Fotografía, we have a wide catalogue of the best brands at very competitive prices for all ranges, from the low range like the KODAK PIXPRO FZ201 to the high range like the SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-RX100 VII. We also offer a 2 year European warranty and the confidence of buying from an established and long-established retailer.

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