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compré a través de la web de DUKE, y en 24 horas tenía el pedido en casa. imposible mejorar este servicio. intenté contactar con ellos para que me resolvieran una duda a través del tfno y me fue imposible, envié mi duda por email y fue contestada rápidamente.


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auxiliary lenses 

For our objectives there are some accessories that make them behave in a different way, mainly we will find two to take into account.

Teleconverters: Also known as duplicators or focal multipliers are a lens that we will put between the body of the camera and the lens, and its function is to increase the focal length, this accessory always has the multiplication value associated with the most common being 1.4x and 2.0x. Although it seems a very tempting accessory is not compatible with all objectives and will lose features such as autofocus.

Extension Tubes: These tubes are installed in a similar way to the teleconverter but their operation is different, has no internal lens so the focal distance is not affected, but what these tubes allow us is to reduce the minimum focusing distance, which makes it ideal and also very widespread in macro photography. These work best with focal lenses above 50mm.

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