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Esta es mi primera compra. Di mucho la lata con preguntas por email y en chat. Jesús me respondió a todas muy bien. Para mi tener factura de la compra con garantía con ellos por dos años me convenció. Con estos alicientes el precio fue muy bueno. Correos Express me entregó la cámara en perfectas condiciones. (Podría añadirse un embalaje extra...por mejorar) Pero bueno. Todavía estoy probandola...y ya estoy pensando en buscar un objetivo en DUKE. Gracias por vuestra atención.

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Find the video camera you are looking for in our online store. Discover the sports video cameras we have for you and the different accessories to enjoy like never before.

At Duke Photography we know that it is not always easy to access the perfect location of a photograph, or that you may be interested in making aerial recordings. drones started out as a toy for people of all ages but, in a short time, they have become a key tool for professionals. consult our catalogue for the best models of Drone DJI Phantom with which to record at maximum definition. don't forget to carry it in the DJI Phantom 4 backpack to avoid breakage and damage.

Why Buy a GoPro Camera

Thinking about buying a sports video camera? buying a GoPro camera is certainly the right choice. With the GoPro camera you can record any moment of action, where you can not carry a conventional camera. It is especially suited to immortalize the best moments while playing sports or on your adventures. It is also ideal for recording your holidays. It works great for recording videos in water because it is completely waterproof.

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