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ND Density Neutral 

What are Neutral Density ND filters for?

There are many situations for the photographer where we have plenty of light. An example can be a long daytime exposure, shallow field photographs and the photography of sunrise and sunset. In these cases we always have more light and here enter these filters. Filters are what they do is reduce the light available in the scene, so we can lengthen our exposures or have large openings to achieve the desired effect.

How to choose the best ND filter?

These filters are normally marked by a value, which tells us how much light in exposure value is reducing. For example, the ND2 reduces 1 light pass or 1 EV, the ND4 reduces 2EV, and the ND1000 Reduces 10EV. Depending on what we are looking for we will use the right one, we also have the NDX, which are variable neutral density filters where we will have several filters in one.

All our filters are available in standard diameters or with the necessary adapters.

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