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(Automatic translation) My reluctance to buy online is always present, but I have purchased several Duke products, and the entire shopping experience can be summed up in three words: professionalism, quality and peace of mind. I am behind the Nikon D500, and I am very clear that it will be my next purchase at Duke. I highly recommend this store.
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Parasol and Tapas 

These two accessories have different functions but it is always advisable to have both.

In the case of the cover, it is the accessory that will have our objective set for when we are not using it, and thus protect it from blows and scratches. This will be of the diameter of the objective or specifies in some cases.

The parasol has a more special function and each lens has one designed specifically for it, its function is to block the light that we will call parasite, light that could enter the camera at an unwanted angle and produces flashes and other effects that contaminate the photo.

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