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Fujifilm X mount lenses  

A good lens is an indispensable tool for the photographer. With it, we will achieve results with which we feel completely satisfied. A hallmark of Fujifilm lenses is their high quality and superior optical performance. Fujifilm X series lenses are adapted to Fujifilm X series APS-C mirrorless cameras. Its advanced features, such as high megapixel sensors, live view capabilities and excellent focus, maximize the photographic opportunities offered by Fujifilm lenses. Many cameras incorporate wireless capabilities that allow remote control, wireless photo downloading, and remote printing on Fujifilm Instax SHARE printers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fujifilm Lenses

Where to buy Fujifilm X lenses?

Lenses for Fujifilm X mount cameras can be found in our online shop at Duke Photography. We have a wide range of Fujifilm lenses as well as lenses from renowned third parties such as Samyang or Viltrox.

Which lenses do Fujifilm cameras use?

For years now, all Fujifilm cameras have been using the Fujifilm X-mount. This mount was adopted at the beginning of the 21st century to adapt to the new times. At Duke Photography you can find some of the latest lenses such as the new FUJIFILM XF 70-300MM telezoom.

Which lens to buy for the FUJIFILM X-T30?

The Fujifilm X-T30 is the perfect camera for photography enthusiasts who want high performance at a low price. We have the full range of Fujifilm X lenses to choose from. The FUJINON XF 18-55MM F2.8-4 is a versatile and proven quality lens that can be used in many different situations, which is why we give you the option to buy this KIT. If you are more interested in a prime lens the FUJINON XF 35MM is a great option. If you are more of a portrait enthusiast you can try the FUJINON LENS XF56.

Which lens to buy for the FUJIFILM X-T4 ?

The Fujifilm X-T4 is a fully professional camera. You can attach any X-mount lens to it according to your needs. If you want a wide-angle lens you can buy the FUJIFILM XF 8-16 MM. There is also the super telephoto FUJINON XF 100-400 MM. If you want a versatile lens you can opt for the bright FUJIFILM XF 16-55MM. If you want a fixed focal length portrait lens you can buy the FUJINON LENS XF56 MM.

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