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Remote control 

Why you need a remote control

Night photography, macro photography, long exposure, astrophotography, timelapse, all these options that we have just mentioned are situations where it is recommended that we use a remote control, this way when we press the release button we will not move the camera, and we can control the times in the long exposures or night photography.

Timelapse: with a remote control you have it

Do you know the timelapse, this method allows you to make videos thanks to photographs at intervals and watch phenomena happen in seconds that last even days or weeks, and the only tools you need is your camera, a tripod and a remote control with intervarometer.

Universal remote control

If your camera is Nikon or Canon, you can consult the available models. If your camera is of other brands, do not worry, we also have remote controls compatible with all cameras. Let nothing stop your photos!

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