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(Automatic translation) I have been shopping at Duke for years: cameras, lenses, accessories and other accessories and I am very satisfied with the work of the store staff. The response they give their customers in the after - sale, which is where the true commitment of not leaving a purchase - sale in a mere commercial fact is distinguished, turning to offer the buyer solutions in case of any eventuality. I would give them a 10 but first they must correct a few things. The company with which they have the work of distribution and have greater control over the stock of updated products and also pointing out that items do not have instructions in Spanish. I'm going to keep shopping at Duke.
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Aquatic photography 

Why buy an underwater camera

Underwater photographers have access to many amazing subjects, including fish and other marine life, cave systems, shipwrecks, waterscapes, diver portraits, and more. At Duke Photography you can buy your camera or underwater housing to fully enjoy your dives.

Underwater cameras and accessories

At Duke Photography we want to help you enjoy this fascinating and fun modality. Underwater photography is a unique photographic genre that often requires the use of scuba gear, but can also be done while swimming, snorkeling, in an underwater vehicle, or with automatic cameras. While underwater imaging requires a lot of specialized equipment and techniques, the payoff is well worth it.

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