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Carbon Tripods 

Buy a carbon tripod with the best conditions

If our problem is the weight, we can choose to choose a carbon fiber tripod, we will not lose strength, which if we make our equipment lighter and we can go further, not to miss that shot we hope, we have the most popular tripods in their version of carbon fiber. These tripods are lightweight and allow us full freedom of movement.

The benefits of using a tripod are the flexibility to shoot at a shutter speed as slow as we want and mainly to stabilize and allow us to reach very difficult angles and viewpoints.

Lightweight carbon fibre tripods

It is very important that the bracket (tripod plus kneecap) is compact to support the weight of your camera and lens. If you choose a high-end tripod you can choose between different types of kneecaps: three-axis, ball, joystick, fluid or video. Low and mid-range usually have the integrated kneecap.

Depending on the use you want to give, you must choose the carbon fiber tripod with ball-and-socket joint that best suits your needs. At Duke Photography we offer you the best prices.

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