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(Automatic translation) · 11/27/2017: Order of NIKON 55-300mm f / 4.5-5.6G VR ED AF-S DX lens and bank transfer. · 11/28/2017: Transfer accepted. · 11/29/2017: Generation of the Correos Express label and start of the "trip". · 11/30/2017: Delivery in the afternoon, shortly after eating, in a very serious and interesting packaging: a very sealed black plastic wrap; inside it, a cardboard box, also sealed, and inside it, the original box of the product, wrapped / protected by the classic plastic bubble wrap. And this speed, considering that I am in the Peninsula. That accustomed to weather maps, it seems that these islands are there, next door, and if you look at Google Maps itself, they are to be taken for granted.

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Digital Cameras 

Why Buy a Digital Camera

The immediacy of digital cameras make them the ideal tools to enter the world of photography, according to our needs we can find the ideal camera.

Types of digital cameras

In the market we will find different types of camera, focused on different types of use and photographers, for those who want a camera of simple use that is just point and shoot we have the compact cameras, if we want to have some additional options like being able to photograph at great distance we would move to bridge cameras, these cameras already have similar functions to reflex cameras and although we can not change the lens we have a good zoom, not to lose detail in different situations.

From these two camera formats we can also find models for more demanding users that allow more advanced options such as working with RAW files or video recording in UHD.

The reflex cameras are another type of camera that allows the photographer to exchange lenses or lenses to adjust to different situations, for example to put an angular lens to make landscapes or indoor photography or use lenses such as macro to make photos where we can get very close to the subject, we would have the possibility of using telephoto lenses to miss those details in the distance as in sports photography.

For other uses we have action cameras that we can use in environments and more extreme activities and instant cameras, which although we are in the digital era allow paper copies immediately.

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