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La lente que compre fue mi primer compra en Duke. Pedido online con ayuda telefónica muy amable, detallada y precisa de parte del equipo de Duke. Lente llegada en mi casa en 2 días aunque yo viva en Fuerteventura. Caja y embalaje perfectos. Espero comprar muy pronto otro material.
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tele zoom ,tele zoom canon ef 

Not everything that we photograph is within our reach, there are many subjects in photography that we find at great distance, here the telephoto lenses are the best choice, being able to approach the surfer who has just caught a wave or the bird we are following the trail, and although we have these objectives with a fixed focus, in more variable situations such as a sporting event, the activity is posed near or far, and the best option is to zoom and have a general view or approach the action.

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