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Video light sources range from basic indoor lighting fixtures to professional level lighting equipment. Both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs can provide adequate photographic lighting. For best results, use only one type of bulb at a time. If you use multiple bulbs, make sure they match in colour and light intensity.

When you want more options, more power, or both, studio lights meet the need. Energy-saving fluorescent bulbs are cost-effective and produce little heat, although they do not provide as much power as other types of bulbs. Tungsten bulbs offer higher wattage. The downside is that these lights get hotter, which sometimes makes them difficult to work with. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are made up of many small electronic lights. These LED video lights are cheap, durable and maintain a cool temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lighting for Camcorders

How to have good lighting in a video?

Lighting, together with a quality camera, a microphone and a stabiliser is what will make the difference between a professional video and a home video. To get a good lighting we should have several elements that will help us in this task. For this we can get softbox cubes and LED panels for recording in a studio or LED rings used mainly by influencers for vlogging.

What are the lights used to record videos called?

To shoot video we can use different types of lights with different nomenclature. Among the most common are softbox cubes, LED spotlights, LED panels, LED ring lights, LED antochas, grids, and much more. All of them can be found in the Duke photography online shop.

Where to put the light for recording?

Although there is no single method for placing the lights for recording, as everything will depend on the effect we want to achieve, as a general rule it is recommended to place two lamps, for example two softbox cubes, just in front of the person who is going to be recorded and behind the camera, creating a 45º angle between them. On the other hand, if we are looking for lighting for vlogging, the best thing to do is to use a ring light, put our smartphone or camera inside the ring and place it in front of us.

What kind of spotlights are used on YouTube?

In order to choose the perfect lights to use on YouTube we need to be clear about what kind of videos we are going to make. If we have a beauty or make-up account and we are mainly going to talk in front of the camera, we recommend using ring lights. If we are going to be shooting in a studio or indoors, softboxes will work great. And if we are going to be changing scenery and even filming outdoors, LED spotlights are recommended.

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