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(Automatic translation) Only complain about Correos Expres, because of him I did not arrive when I expected. Expected delivery on Friday according to tracking. On Saturday they tell me that it arrives on the scheduled date LIE BECAUSE IT WAS DELIGHTED YESTERDAY I expected to receive it on Saturday because I needed it for the weekend BECAUSE I did NOT get it on Monday when I needed it and I had to ask for favors to have one on the weekend ,, Or I know that gentlemen of the Express Post, put the batteries please!
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Our photography equipment uses batteries as power supply, these batteries are used according to the camera model and we can use the original supplied by the manufacturer or use a compatible battery that will not make us lose performance or jeopardize the integrity of the camera , and the latter will always be something cheaper. It is also advisable to read the manual of our camera to understand its use and extend the life of this battery. Buy batteries for Kodak in our online store.

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