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Servicio impecable en el tiempo prometido. Además, la atención que dispensan por teléfono no puede ser más amable y cumplen su palabra. Sin ninguna duda, volvería a comprar en Duke y mi recomendación positiva para todo el que quiera comprar en esta tienda. Agradecido por vuestro servicio y tenéis un cliente más.
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Sony mount 

A good objective is an indispensable tool for the photographer. With it, we will achieve results with which we will feel completely satisfied.

What lens does the Sony camera use?

Sony is one of the leading brands in the electronics market. Their camera section is not far behind and they present us with complete cameras that allow the use of various accessories

Among all the lens models available from Sony, we highlight 3 categories: A-mount lenses, E-mount lenses and G-mount lenses. The latter are the most advanced and complex in their catalogue.

Sony lenses, E-mount

The lenses for Sony E-mount digital cameras are designed for the entire NEX series of the brand. They can also be used with some cameras from the new line of Sony Alpha cameras. All the lenses are updated by the manufacturer, giving them a great optical performance that, combined with your camera, will make an excellent team.

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