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Flash for camera 

What is the Flash of a camera for?

The Flash is an accessory that the photographer has available to add his own light, we have a built-in flash in almost all camera models and this can serve us in many situations.

In other cases the photographer wants to create a special look, a different environment, in short to illuminate, and here the flash takes on greater prominence we will start with the flash connected directly to the camera, but if we want to make a quality leap we will have to start separating the flash, for which we will need remote triggers and endless accessories for the light to have the desired look and our photos come to life.

Tips for Buying a Camera Flash

If you want to know how to choose the flash you need, first of all think about the maximum budget you want to devote to it. Surely that amount will vary depending on the features you offer, later you might spend more.

Another thing you need to be clear about is exactly what you need the flash for. If your goal is to add a little more light to portraits, we recommend a flash with moderate power. On the other hand, if you want to illuminate large areas, you need a much higher power accessory.

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