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(Automatic translation) The products are exactly what they describe and on the web you have all the necessary information to make your purchases. If you allow me a note, I would say that sometimes the offers or promotions are not well described. That is to say, the types ... 15% discount on pro material, or discounts of one euro in the next purchase, for every 100 euros spent, etc. I have been involved a bit with the possibility of applying these offers during my purchase . The rest is perfect.

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Medium format 

Medium format cameras are aimed at professional photographers looking for high-quality cameras with large sensors, many with twice the surface area of ​​other sensors and offering advanced file quality.

At Duke Photography you can buy medium format cameras from brands like Fujifilm and Hasselblad.

What are medium format cameras?

Medium format cameras have a larger sensor (53mm) than reflex cameras that generally use the APS-C sensor (23.6mm) and compact cameras (12.8mm). They are cameras that produce extremely high quality photographs and are often used in studio photography. The larger sensor size requires a larger lens and a larger camera body. They also tend to have a higher price tag than other types of cameras. At Duke Photography we offer medium format cameras at very competitive prices. Fujifilm and Hasselbad are two of the leading manufacturers of medium format cameras.

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