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Que decir de Duke, cuando se trabaja con profesionales se obtiene un trabajo profesional. Marca de la casa. Queria financiar el objetivo, para más comodidad en el pago, y tenia un poco de miedo del tramite. Pero ha sido increiblemente facil de hacer el tramite, bien claro todo y en todo momento podia saber el estado de la solicitud de fianciación. El envio rapido y con un paquete bien protegido. Estoy muy contento de haber tomado la decisión de haber hecho mi compre en Duke.
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Benefits of tripods

For many photographers the tripod is the best light they carry with them. And this companion allows us to have stable our photos, thus gaining clarity in the shots where the times are longer. They are also useful because it allows us to use heavy equipment that we could not have in hand directly, and are the best companions for many types of photography, landscape, night, long exposure, HDR or panoramic are some examples.

Choosing the right camera tripod

Choosing the right tripod is very important because it depends on having or not, the desired results. The premise is simple: our tripod has to be robust enough for our team, it has to be able to support approximately twice the total weight and that clear without forgetting that it will accompany us in many adventures, so it has to be versatile and easy to use, especially if its use will always be outside the studio.

Types of tripods

In our store you can find all the tripods you need. We have from aluminum or carbon tripods to mini tripods.

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