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We have several models of cheap photometers that adapt to the needs of all users of digital cameras after having made a selection of the most outstanding products on the market.

Photometers are the devices used to determine the exposure time corresponding to a subject when the relative aperture is known or vice versa.

It is used to measure the intensity of light, so they are able to detect absorbance, scattered light intensity and fluorescence. Since light comes in various forms there are different photometers.

We can differentiate photometers in two different types: reflected light and incident light according to the method used to make the measurement of light. Some of them use both methods.

Although the cameras have internal photometers, sometimes the camera photometer is not accurate enough and hand-held photometers are required to obtain the maximum quality of the photograph taking into account the light of the scene

Frequently Asked Questions about Photometers

What is a photometer and what is it used for?

A light meter is a camera instrument used to measure light and optical properties. It is an important tool as it helps to increase or decrease the light when taking a picture. It can help us to ensure that the image is not too saturated or burnt. Like other accessories, such as lenses or flash accessories, light meters are a very important tool to ensure the quality of a photographic work. At Duke Photography you will find different types of light meters so you can choose the one that best suits your camera.

How does a photometer work?

The photometer in a camera functions as a transducer whose function is to convert the electric current into a mechanical signal. This electric current can be, for example, a selenium cell that provides light when it hits the surface or a battery. To use it, simply frame the scene and press the shutter button in manual mode. The light meter will then measure the light and its black arrow will indicate whether you need to increase or decrease the input. At Duke Photography you will find different types of light meters so that you can incorporate into your camera the one that best suits the situations you are going to photograph.

Where to buy a photometer?

Having a quality light meter gives you peace of mind if you want to achieve high quality photographic work. At Duke Photography we have light meters with a tactile or traditional design. In our online shop you will find the accessory to measure the light with which your photographs will get the expected result.

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