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Frequently Asked Questions about Photography Backgrounds

Where to buy backgrounds for photography?

At Duke Fotografía you can find fabricpaper and vinyl backgrounds for photography. We also have fixedmobile and motorised supports. Of course you can find backgrounds of all colours and chroma. If you have any questions you can consult our experts.

What is a photographic chroma key?

A chroma key is a technique used to replace the area occupied by a fixed colour with another image. In the studio, green is generally used, although blue can also be used as they are the furthest from the human skin and require less post-processing of the image. It is important to work with a clean, smooth chroma key and adequate lighting.

What background do I need for my photo studio?

The most basic backgrounds are black and whitegrey is also a very common background, although we can achieve it from white by playing with light and exposure. As for materials, the most economical is fabric, although we must be very careful not to wrinkle it or get it dirty. More profitable options in the long term and that provide us with a background that is always clean are the cardboard or vinyl backgrounds that come in rolls.

What material are the photographic backdrops made of?

Most photographic backdrops are made of fabriccardboard or vinyl. Fabric is cheaper but requires more care, vinyl is the most expensive but is the easiest to clean and the easiest to keep smooth. Cardboard is an intermediate option as it tends to stay smooth but is difficult to clean.

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