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Binoculars for earth observation

If you're a nature lover, you can not miss in your backpack some good binoculars with which to observe birds and all the green panorama that you have in your adventure.

The binoculars are composed of 2 tubes, which contain different lenses and a prism with which to enlarge the image in each eye, individually, thus generating the phenomenon known as steroscopy.

Tips for buying a prismatic

There is a wide range of binocular models on the market, depending on the brand, quality and price you are willing to pay. However, the common point that the binocular you buy should have is comfort. The weight and size of the binocular is a basic aspect that will condition your experience.

Another important aspect, on which the budget for the purchase will depend, is waterproofing. Some binoculars can be used on rainy days, and can be used in environments close to water without the risk of damaging the lenses. Depending on the environment in which we want to develop our observation, this will be a value to consider very much.

Frequently Asked Questions about Binoculars

How do you know if a binocular is good?

At Duke Photography we recommend binoculars with mineral prisms, i.e. made of glass. This material provides quality and resistance to the binoculars. In our shop you will find a variety of binoculars of different models, choose the one that best suits your needs!

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