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Aunque ahora vivo en Sevilla, siempre que voy a Las Palmas para visitar a mi fmilia me paso por la tienda a preguntar y echar un vistazo, me encanta vuestra atención y profesionalidad, sobre todo, que se agradece porque te aseguras una buena compra!
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Our photo equipment uses batteries as power supply, which in turn are used depending on the camera model, as in this case is the case of Panasonic batteries.

When it comes to buying a battery for Panasonic we have two options:

  • Use the original supplied by the manufacturer and give us the maximum guarantees
  • Use a compatible battery that will not cause us to lose performance or jeopardize the integrity of the camera, and yet is cheaper than the other because it is not the original Panasonic battery

Either of the two options are valid if the purchase is good, as you have to choose a good supplier of Panasonic batteries to purchase a good Panasonic battery compatible or original, so we take care to test the products we sell to provide the best to our customers.

It is recommended to read the manual of each camera to understand its use and extend the life of each battery used.

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