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Duke es una tienda formal y seria. Los productos suelen llegar en un plazo breve de tiempo a pesar de estar localizada en Canarias, bien embalados y en perfecto estado. He pedido varios articulos y todo bien, no dudaría en repetir en futuras compras.

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cameras without mirror,elvi,cameras elvi,without mirror 

With advances in technology we are always moving towards smaller and more powerful devices, these types of cameras are an example of these improvements.

The mirrorless cameras also known as EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens), are cameras that have the best of both worlds, small and light camera bodies as in compact cameras, and the option to change the lenses, which are designed small and light, so together we have cameras of great performance and reduced size.

The additional characteristic to emphasize is that they lack optical visor, and instead we have a system of electronic visor, or a screen, that presented us the values of exposure and other important options to take our photos.

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