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Snapshot Cameras  

The photos printed on paper still have their charm and in digital photography we still have this type of cameras with which we can have photos on paper, some allow us to make the photo and choose if we want to print it and others directly print so we retake that feeling of having to make the photo right the first time, because it will be the only copy.

How do instant cameras work?

Instant cameras allow photographs to be printed on the spot. Traditionally they are loaded with positive supports on which the photograph is printed when exposed to light, as in the legendary Polaroid cameras, although more modern versions can print digital photographs using Zero Ink technology. Nowadays we can also find portable printers connected by Bluetooth to print photos directly from our camera, phone or tablet.

Where to buy instant cameras?

You can buy instant cameras at Duke Fotografia. In addition to a wide range of top brands; Polaroid, Fujifilm, Canon and Kodak, we also offer very competitive prices and a 2 year European warranty. Some of the most outstanding products in our catalogue are; the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 9 and the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 11 both inspired by a classic design, the CANON ZOEMINI C with the appearance of a compact camera or the POLAROID MINT INSTANT very compact and designed to be used vertically like a mobile phone. Of course we have all the consumables and material necessary for the maintenance of your camera.

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