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(Automatic translation) It was my first purchase with DUKE and I must say that I have been very satisfied, both for the price of the product purchased, and for the speed of shipping. From the moment of purchase, the order only took 3 days to arrive in Molina de Segura, in the Region of Murcia, without any setbacks. And the product arrived very well packaged and in perfect condition. Very satisfied with the professionalism of this store, I highly recommend it, and it is already one of my reference stores for everything related to photography.
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Negative/Slide Scanner 

If you want to access those negatives that are in a drawer or slides of that trip where you had such a good time, maybe have these images digitally, we have available several scanner models that allow you to do the digitization of slides and negatives in a simple and fast way, so you do not leave your memories in a drawer and you can share them with new technologies.

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