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The best stabilizers for video cameras

This accessory to get more out of your video camera, is essential to be able to record film scenes. Professional photography accessories within everyone's reach. Hold your camera or smartphone by choosing the right size and according to the use it will have.

Steadycam or Zhiyun Crane stabilizer

Within our selection of stabilizers, you will find the most demanding line of Zhiyun. All supports of this brand are made with the best materials and designed to ensure the ergonomics of the photographer during the time of shooting

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Camera Stabilisers

How does a camera stabiliser work?

A stabiliser for video cameras works by means of a sensor or a floating lens that detects small movements or vibrations that occur during recording and responds immediately to compensate for them and achieve a still, uninterrupted image. It is an essential element for professional, high quality videos.

Which camera stabiliser to buy?

To decide which stabiliser to buy, we must first be clear about what we are going to need it for. There are different types depending on the camera we are going to use. Depending on whether we need it for a smartphone, a GoPro, a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. We should also look at its weight, especially if we are going to be recording for many hours. And finally, its resistance, as for some recordings it will be necessary to use an action stabiliser, for example for water sports.

What is a gimbal?

Gimbal is a type of stabiliser. The smallest ones are used with smartphones or action cameras, although there are also larger ones for professional video cameras. Its purpose is to keep the camera stable at all times, regardless of the movements of the person carrying it, so that the shots come out in good quality.

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