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Gratamente sorprendido al comprobar que DUKE ha cumplido con todas las espectativas de compra. Desde el trato personal la primera vez que les llamé, la facilidad en la compra y algo importante, el envío por correo ha sido muy rápido y el embalaje completamente seguro. Todo llegó conforme se comprometieron. Grandes empresas como el Corte Ingles me mantuvieron en lista de espera un mes y finalmente anularon el pedido alegando razones ajenas. DUKE ha dado una lección de compromiso. Estará entre los primeros lugares de las tiendas a tener muy en cuenta. Saludos y gracias.

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What is a handle and how is it used?

The handles of the cameras are an accessory that allows us to expand the capacity of batteries for our camera, depending on the model to use we will also have controls to make the shots using the camera in vertical position.

There are a number of things to keep in mind before you buy a battery handle and start using it. In addition to allowing you to use an extra battery for longer autonomy, the handles add an additional main trigger button and also allow you to duplicate other camera controls such as speed or aperture selectors.

This ability to duplicate controls allows the photographer to operate the camera in portrait mode, which can be more comfortable and efficient when capturing images.

The handle also provides a stability advantage: by providing better grip, and adding weight to the camera, the camera moves less and it's easier to stay stable while shooting.

Grips of the best brands

Buy here the grip handles for your Nikon, Canon or Sony camera. We can, as with other accessories, opt for the original or use a compatible one that maintains the same functionalities.

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