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Action Chambers 

The best action cameras are joining the extreme sports craze and they do so in an exceptional way as they are cameras with specifications and features that make them perfect to accompany you at all times, whatever the situation.

Take your sports camera anywhere and show off your climbing or diving skills. Jump, run, fly - whether it's the Hero 4, Hero 8 or Hero 9, GOPRO is up for anything.

As well as having sensors to capture any situation clearly thanks to stabilisation technologies, the best sports cameras are made from tough, high quality materials to withstand shock, water, dust and weather.

Also, knowing that they must be with you at all times, they have been designed to be discreet and lightweight, with models on the market weighing just over 50 grams - you'll think you're not even carrying it!

As with the previous camcorders, these adventurous models make use of the latest technology and can feature live file transfer via wifi and other connections.

At Duke Photography you can find the best sports and action cameras, don't miss the opportunity to buy a sports camera and show the world what you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Go Pro

GoPro, what is it?

The GoPro is a small, compact camera that is defined as an action camera used especially for making adventure videos, extreme sports and even for use underwater. The GoPro has numerous accessories to help you record high quality videos. It is manufactured by the American company GoPro, In.

Which action camera to buy?

At Duke, in addition to the famous GoPro, we offer other high quality action cameras. Among them are the INSTA 360 GO 2INSTA 360 ONE R and RICOH THETA Z-1 for their image quality and the ISAW AIR ACTION for its economic price. The camera you choose will depend on your needs, if you need it from Duke Photography we can advise you.

How to connect GoPro to PC?

We can connect our GoPro (or any action camera) via USB cable or via the SD memory card. From Duke we recommend that you look at the manual or an internet tutorial for the specific model of your camera, as the way to connect may vary slightly between models such as the GOPRO HERO 9 and the GOPRO HERO 6 for example.

Where to buy GoPro?

You can buy GoPro and its accessories, original and compatible, in Duke Photography, we offer competitive prices, quality service and 2 year warranty. We are also specialists in photography so you can buy all kinds of photographic and video material.

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