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(Automatic translation) My first purchase in this store and the truth is that the experience has been very good, I wanted a piece that was out of stock and they gave me a very short replacement period. The treatment by phone and the very fast management. I will buy again without a doubt.



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Card Reader 

To access our cards we can directly connect the camera with the supplied cable or one suitable for the type of connection, but the best option is to have a card reader in our computer, this must be compatible with the type of card to use, and it is good to have one that is compatible with most SD cards, Compact Flash and Memory Stick, even small MicroSD. So we can use the cards of our cameras and also those of other people if the type is different from ours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Card Readers

What is a card reader?

The card reader is a device that allows us to access the data stored on a memory card. Generally, the card reader is connected via USB to the computer and also allows you to write to the card. Depending on the model, it can be used with CF, SD or MMC cards. Some readers have slots for different types of cards.

How to install a card reader?

It is very likely that your operating system will automatically install the reader when you connect it to your computer. If this does not happen you will need to download the driver for your model of card reader, always make sure you are downloading the driver from the manufacturer's official website. Some of the most important card reader manufacturers are SANDISK and ANGELBIRD.

How does a card reader work?

The card reader acts as a link between our memory card and our computer. With it we can access our photos so that we can manipulate them on our computer. In practice, most card readers also allow you to write data to the memory card. Before buying a card reader you should make sure that it is the right one for your card, whether it is CF, SD or MMC.

Which card reader to buy?

When buying a card reader we must consider what type of cards we want to read. If we always work with the same type of card, we can opt for one that is specific to our type of card, whether CF, SD or MMC. If, on the other hand, we work, or think we may have to work, with different types of cards, it is advisable to buy one that supports different types of cards.

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