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Realmente el trato ha sido maravilloso, en una ocasión llamé a atención al cliente fuera de horario y atendieron mis dudas con mucha paciencia. El envío perfecto, hice compra el viernes y el lunes a primera hora de la mañana me lo entregaron en perfectas condiciones.

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Nikon saddle 

A good objective is a gift that we make to our camera and that we make to ourselves. With it, we will achieve results with which we will feel completely satisfied.

What lens does the Nikon camera use?

For Nikon cameras we use Nikon's F-mount mount, which is available for all cameras regardless of sensor size. What you have to keep in mind is that lenses for this brand can be designed for full frame sensors (Full Frame) that Nikon calls FX or for APS sensors, which Nikon calls DX. DX sensors, if we put them in an FX camera, will have the cutout we'll see in the viewfinder although we can choose to use the cutout on the sensor and use the lens.

A goal for every occasion

At Duke Photography we want nothing to stop you. That's why we have the main lenses for any camera: Zoom Angular, Tele Zoom and Local Fixed.

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