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I have read many good comments about the Duke store, but I think they all fall short of the incredible service, professionalism, speed, concern for the customer, I had a mishap with the purchase (more because of my ignorance than because of their fault), they called me and they solved it for me in a moment, very professional, very friendly and fast, the best I have seen in after-sales service. If I have to buy something for my camera, I am clear that it is going to be DUKE, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs some photography.
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Although in the digital era we print fewer and fewer photos, at many times we want our memories to be on paper, photographic printers offer us great quality for this case.

With the ability to print photos directly from the camera or memory card, are the ideal tools to have on high quality photographic paper, our photos and memories on paper.

The most common are the thermal sublimation printers, these offer a high quality and also a very strong print.

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