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Video Cameras 

At Duke Photography we offer a wide range of video cameras, from cameras for beginners like the famous SONY HANDYCAM to camcorders for professionals like the PANASONIC HC-X2000. It is important that you know what you are going to use your camcorder for before you choose one or the other.

Parameters such as megapixels, aperture, lens and sensor are common to the whole range of camcorders. The megapixels affect the resolution of the video, nowadays it is common for cameras to be able to record in Full HD and many of them can even record in 4K. Together with the lens, the aperture determines the amount of light the camcorder is able to receive. The higher the aperture, the more light and therefore the sharper the video.

Battery and storage capacity are other main parameters to consider when buying a camcorder. Often the storage can be expanded with memory cards. The amount of features you are using such as stabilisation or WIFI can affect the battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Photography Backgrounds

What are video cameras for?

Camcorders are devices, which in contrast to photo cameras, are specially designed to record video. They generally have longer recording times than SLR camerasXLR audio inputs and built-in ND filters among other benefits. In addition, the fact that everything you need is built into the camera can save you money, as you can avoid buying some of the accessories you need to record video with a reflex camera.

Where to buy cheap video cameras?

You can buy video cameras at Duke Fotografia. In camcorders we offer the best brands, Sony, CanonPanasonic and Blackmagic at a very competitive price. We also have sports cameras and https://dukefotografia.com/en/cameras-without-mirror/mirrorless cameras capable of recording high quality video.

What is the best video camera?

Which camcorder is best for us depends on our level and what we want to use it for. If we are video amateurs and want to capture family moments or our travels the Panasonic HC-W580EG-K and HC-V180 are great choices. If we want exclusively cinematic-looking image quality we can opt for the BLACKMAGIC POCKET CINEMA 4K MFT. On the other hand, if we need a versatile professional camera in a compact size, the CANON XF405 4K UHD 60P is an excellent choice.

Which camcorders have an optical stabiliser?

In general, all current camcorders from the major brands; Panasonic, Sony, Canon, have both optical and digital stabilisers. If we are interested in action camcorders like the Go Pro Hero 9 we should remember that although they do not normally have an optical stabiliser, they do have powerful software that allows for great digital stabilisation.

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