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(Automatic translation) As for the price and the speed of delivery very well. But it seems very negative to me that being a pack of a camera with a 55 mm lens they sell a 58 mm filter it does not make sense, if it is a pack it is assumed that everything that integrates it works with each other. And it is explicit in the description, but the buyer trusts that the content has to work for that camera
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Handles for Nikon 

The handles of the cameras are an accessory that allows us to expand the capacity of batteries for our camera, depending on the model to use we will also have controls to make the shots using the camera in vertical position.

We can, as with other accessories, opt for the original or use a compatible one that maintains the same functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grip for Nikon

What is a Nikon grip?

A grip is a camera accessory that attaches to the camera, usually underneath the camera, to add new features or enhance existing ones. They usually include button panels to shoot comfortably vertically and bays to increase the autonomy. We must take into account that a grip will increase the volume and weight of our camera. Some of the best sellers are the JUPIO NIKON Z5 /Z6 /Z7 MB-N10 and the JUPIO NIKON D5100/D5200/D5500/D5600.

What is a Nikon grip for?

A grip is a camera accessory that offers a number of advantages such as increased battery capacity, ease of vertical shooting and improved ergonomics. That is why many professional and amateur photographers use this accessory. We must take into account that the grip will increase the volume and weight of our camera. If you have any doubts you can consult with our experts at Duke Photography.

Grip for the nikon D5600, what are the benefits?

The Nikon D5600 grip offers three main benefits; increased battery capacity, vertical shooting button and improved ergonomics. Also, if you opt for the JUPIO NIKON D5100/D5200/D5500/D5600 grip you can also enjoy a remote control for your digital camera.

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